Old English Grooming Club Project


It all starts with a vision and a list of ideas that come together to inspire something unique. Something bold and modern, yet clean and classic. When Martin & Whitney approached us to create the overall branding package and develop a website for Old English Grooming Club, we knew this was the start of something exciting.

The initial meeting was not only full of laughs and smiles, but there was also the pure passion in Martin's eyes as he spoke about his vision for this upscale men's grooming establishment.

The project started off with a series of rough concepts aimed at creating the perfect silhouette that embodied the vision that is Old English Grooming Club. The mission was to create a distinction from the standard barbershop. Since their barbers are trained to deal with different ethnic group hair types and prevent hair damage while keeping a well-groomed look, finding a way to engrave that look into the logo itself was key.

We worked together with Martin & Whitney to perfect the logo's hairstyle, glasses, and even beard shape. Each element was just as important as the last to help create the final logo symbol. We then entered into the process of selecting the best font and colour treatment to match the overall branding and vision.

After the completion of the branding package, we started on the web development portion of the project. The main purpose of the website was to inform the potential customer about Old English Grooming Club's services and values. The website also had to build a connection with the staff members and direct traffic to the online booking service to help close the deal.

Once we had that clear goal and overall vision we selected a platform that best suited our clients' needs and began development. In every step of that process, we kept in mind the bright, clean, inviting look the client had in mind from the beginning. From the initial meeting with Martin and Whitney to launch day we were determined to ensure our work lived up to that spark in their eyes when talking about the vision - and we are very happy to say that we did them justice!

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