Oshawa Generals Media Day 2018


Every Oshawa Generals season begins for us with their annual Media Day. Each player gets photographed for use in all of the team’s marketing materials, plus on the video board during games. While our favourites are usually the action shots, a variety of posed portraits are always part of the shot list as well.

Warning: photo geek stuff ahead!

This year we decided to bring in two full two lighting set ups. The first was a set of strobes, which we installed in the catwalk running above the ice. They were used mainly for the larger groups, as well as the goalies in their net. The second was a set of continuous LED lights down at ice level for the action and posed portrait shots.

The action shots were all captured with an ultra-wide angle lens to give an exaggerated look that puts you right there on the ice. This perspective always looks incredible, but I will admit that Nando Eggenberger’s slapshot from 3 feet away scared the crap out of me! An added special effect was the fog machine which we definitely did not plan, but came free with the extremely humid arena that day!

Lights, Camera, Action!

In preparing for this shoot, I knew the portraits would require very subtle changes in lighting and camera angles to nail the exact look we wanted. With the time constraints we were under, this meant shooting everything with strobes just wouldn’t be possible. Enter the fine folks at 2D House! They provided us a set of incredibly bright Aputure 300D lights. Each with the equivalent output of a 2k tungsten or 400w HMI, they allowed us to keep the background very dark - but being LEDs, we didn’t having to worry about melting the ice! A great bonus with this is the ability to shoot both video and stills at the same time, producing a very consistent result.

If you haven’t already seen the entire gallery of Media Day photos, be sure to check it out!

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