Town of Whitby Public Works Video


The Town of Whitby Operations division approached us to produce a video designed to help promote Town of Whitby career opportunities to students.
Our task was to make these careers visually appealing whether they are office based, field work or a combination of both. Shot across many different locations and depicting everything from computer aided design to parks maintenance, we aimed to show how many of these positions directly relate to one another.

Starting with just a concept, we created a storyboard that brings the viewer through these different jobs in a visual and engaging way. Our team then worked with the Town of Whitby to schedule locations, crews and equipment to be featured. The production required us to set up remote cameras and lighting in rather odd locations such as on grass mowers and in the receiving end of a wood chipper. Camera and lighting enclosures, variable friction arms, super clamps, gaff tape and lots of safety cables were used to keep all equipment safe.

In the editing we could have made simple cuts between the various positions and still included the same content, however this would not keep the viewer nearly as interested. We wanted to take a unique and creative approach to the edit and transition as smoothly as possible between each scene. This was a large part of the overall vision for the video, and therefore had to be considered right from pre-production and through each of the shoots. In addition, fitting so many different aspects of the Operations department in a concise yet impactful video was a challenge. Every shot had to be very closely timed during each scene in order to fit this vision.

The final stage in the production was to add the voice-over. Since there was a lot of information to give in the videos run time, this resulted in many drafts of the final script. Once the final draft was approved it was time to hit the studio. We had the privilege to work with local voice talent Michelle Farrugia, recording at The Music Scene in Whitby.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos from the shoot: