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For over 30 years Ian Goodall has provided his photography experience to a wide variety of corporate, commercial and editorial clients in the Greater Toronto Area. To better serve his clients' expanding needs, and adapt to changing technologies Ian brought together professionals from several areas of the multimedia industry to form Goodall Media.

Ian's team combines a wide range of professional photography, video production, website development, corporate branding, and RPAS (drone) operations. Ian's team has the skills and marketing experience to create a product that will help you stand out from the competition.

Positive relationships on set are essential and we pride ourselves on forming these with every one of our clients.


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Ian Goodall Headshot

Ian Goodall

I am the man behind the camera... until my team tricks me into getting a headshot for the website. I fell in love with photography after smuggling a camera into a concert in 1986. Since then I have dodged hundreds of pucks, not all successfully, questioned my sanity while shooting in ridiculous swells on Lake Ontario, and so many more stories…anything to catch that perfect moment.

Devon Franklyn Headshot

Devon Franklyn

Some might say I'm the creative one of the team, don't tell Kalvin that though. I tend to spend my days putting together the perfect puzzle that is web development or vectoring many variations of our client's logo. I also joined the Goodall workout plan, which includes lifting heavy bags of lights for many reps or long walks on the beach...while supervising our RPAS drone.

Kalvin Taylor Headshot

Kalvin Taylor

A picture says a thousand words, but I'm the videographer... so what does that say about me? Since 2008 I've been storyboarding client concepts, then capturing those perfect moments on set. What happens behind the camera is only the beginning however - cutting up that footage, pairing it with a great soundtrack, and topping it off with smooth motion graphics to provide a polished final product.