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RPAS Services

The introduction of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) in recent years has revolutionized a number of industries. From construction progress, survey mapping and roof inspections, to photography and video production - we have you covered.


RPAS Services


RPAS photography provides a unique perspective, as photos can be taken at different angles and elevations that simply aren’t possible from the ground. Using our high resolution RPAS systems we can provide you with single images or panoramic photos covering a large area. Looking for more information? Check out our frequently asked questions.


RPAS Services


Our RPAS system provides beautiful, smooth, cinematic videos from a unique aerial perspective. Whether you need video for marketing materials, to track construction progress or do commercial inspections, our 4K aerial videos will provide high definition results for all of your projects. Want to know more? Check out our frequently asked questions.


RPAS Services


Utilizing the latest in RPAS technology, we can create a low cost option for obtaining geo-referenced orthomosaics, survey maps, topographic overlays, 3D surface scans or structure models. Data can be imported into GIS, CAD, or other industry photogrammetry software for most commercial applications. Check out our frequently asked questions.


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A Whole New Perspective

Mapping & Survey

The advancement of RPAS technology and data processing software makes it possible to provide a cost effective and safe alternative to traditional survey methods. Here are a few mapping and survey applications:

Photogrammetric Mapping: geo-referenced orthomosaics, project planning and progress assessment, site access planning, environmental assessments

Digital Terrain & Elevation Models: point cloud generation, slope angles of terrain, contour map generation

Volumetric and Stockpile Analysis: volume cut and fill calculations, stockpile volumes, excavated volumes, open pit surveys

Environmental Impact Assessments land use and erosion, rehabilitation assessment, watershed analysis, shoreline and breakwater monitoring, vegetation health monitoring

A Whole New Perspective


Reduce Cost and Risk

When multi-storey commercial buildings or hard to reach structures require visual inspections, cranes, helicopters or cherry pickers can be high risk, time consuming and costly. Many of these inspections are now performed with RPAS systems. Our RPAS inspections service will deliver high resolution photos and video in a cost efficient manner.

Secondary monitors with a live video feed allow our clients to help direct the pilot to capture exactly what they need and immediately identify locations in need of repair.

A Whole New Perspective

3D Modelling

We use the latest technology to create interactive, photo realistic 3D point-cloud and mesh models of structures and landscapes. Data can be supplied to all standard formats, including most CAD systems.

3D models are being used for assessing areas that are difficult and dangerous to access, and for planning and design in many different industries. We offer a range of services including 3D topographic maps, stockpile 3D models, infrastructure and asset 3D models.