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Video production is more than simply pressing the record button. It is the process of story creation, video capture, and creative editing that is combined to make an informative and memorable video. Whether its for a national commercial, YouTube video, or internal training program, we've got you covered.



The Process

While every video production process varies due to the content, style, timeline and budget, there are three stages of production we will break down with you during our initial meetings.


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Pre-Production Storyboard


Pre-production is the first phase in any successful project. There are some important steps to take before filming begins such as project planning, storyboarding, location scouting, research and organization. This will help ensure the project runs smoothly and that you receive the video you had envisioned.

1. Defining goals, expectations and budget
What is the message you want to deliver? Who is your target audience? Do you have a visual style in mind, or perhaps branding guidelines that should be followed? These are just a few questions we will use to get an understanding of your project. Also addressing budget at this time ensures we can appropriately set expectations on both sides.

2. Scripts and storyboarding
The script and accompanying storyboard is the blueprint for your video. Devising creative ways to combine scripted content with engaging visual elements is what will keep your viewer hooked. The storyboard helps everyone visualize what the video will look like prior to shooting, and is arguably the most valuable step in the pre-production process.

3. Preparation and scheduling
This is the last step before filming can begin. Everything related to the video shoot must be organized and scheduled including scouting locations, briefing all crew involved, organizing necessary equipment, submitting for any licenses or permissions, and creating a call sheet with timings for the day, locations and contact details.

Goodall Media Production


The production phase is where all of the video and audio content for your project is captured. Here we will bring to life the scripts and storyboards created in the previous phase. The production phase will include:

  • Preparing and dressing locations or sets to be used
  • Setting up cameras, lighting and audio recording equipment
  • Capturing the primary footage as determined by the storyboard
  • Conducting interviews if required for the project
  • Capturing secondary b-roll footage
  • Recording voice overs if needed for any scenes
Goodall Media Post Production


After production is completed, the editor begins to assemble footage and audio that was captured. The goal is to accurately convey the message and vision discussed in pre-production meetings. Motion graphics, images and text may be added as required to enhance the video. Finally, colour correction and sound mixing are the last steps in the post-production process. For most projects we deliver a rough draft, second cut, then a final product. Once approved we will deliver the video in a format appropriate for its end use.